FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ombudsperson, ombudsman, or ombuds?

A person who investigates complaints and mediates fair settlements, especially between aggrieved parties such as students or consumers and an institution or organization.

Rutgers–New Brunswick has an "ombudsperson for students". This ombudsperson is available to help students at the university.

When should a student see the ombudsperson?

When a student feels he or she has exhausted all other possible remedies but is still having a problem.

You want to confidentially talk over a situation with someone knowledgeable about Rutgers and its policies to decide what, if any, next steps to take.

You need more information about issues such as academic decisions, university/school policies, or your rights and responsibilities as a student.

Who does the ombudsperson help?

The Ombuds Office assists undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in schools or programs at Rutgers University–New Brunswick.

If you are a Rutgers student enrolled in a school at Rutgers University–Camden, Rutgers University–Newark, or Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences you can try contacting your chancellor's office.

Can your office help me when I am not a Rutgers–New Brunswick student? I have a problem, issue, or concern that spans across multiple departments or campuses at Rutgers University

Our office has been instructed to direct students from Camden, Newark, and Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) to their chancellor's office: Camden, Newark, or RBHS.

Starting in the 2017-18 academic year, our office cannot assist students from Camden, Newark, or RBHS with complex issues or concerns. Prior to July 1 2017, the Ombuds Office was available to all Rutgers University students.

This was a decision made by the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs as part of the implementation of the Responsible Center Management financial budgeting model and in consultation with the Newark, Camden, and RBHS Chancellors' offices.

How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, call our office at 848-932-1452. We are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

When you come to your appointment, please bring copies of any correspondence or records that you may have regarding your issue.