Important Things You Should Know About Our Process

The Office of the Ombudsperson for Students is a confidential office.

The ombudsperson is a neutral party that listens to concerns and complaints related to Rutgers–New Brunswick. The ombudsperson does not represent any one side.


Our Role in the University

The Ombuds Office does not replace other offices or functions at Rutgers–New Brunswick. It works collaboratively with faculty, administrators, and staff.

The ombudsperson is authorized by the New Brunswick Chancellor to informally investigate issues and make recommendations.

However, the ombudsperson has no authority to make or reverse a decision or a policy.


Our Goals Are To:

  • Help students, who feel they have exhausted all possible remedies, and to provide alternative methods to resolve their issues.
  • Identify and make recommendations to correct problems and issues that are uncovered through our work.
  • Ultimately to improve Rutgers–New Brunswick's service to students.