How We Work


Contact Us

Before the Ombuds Office can do anything about a concern or issue, we require that the student reach out to us.

We Listen

From the student's perspective, we find out what their problem is by listening. We ask what they have done to try to resolve it.

Gather Information

We will seek information to understand policy related to the student's issue. The ultimate goal is to discover alternative ways to resolve the issue in a way that maintains fairness for all involved.

With consent from the student, we will contact appropriate departments to fully understand policies relevant to the student's issue.


We can communicate the student's perspective to university staff or faculty who may authorize a resolution.

We may suggest specific people within the university whom the student should contact to advance towards a resolution.

We may ask the student if they would like our office to contact other people or departments on their behalf.


What the Ombuds Office will do depends entirely on the specific issue, concern, or problem and the unique context surrounding it.