Problem-resolution Resources Within Rutgers for Students

Some departments within Rutgers–New Brunswick have assigned faculty or staff to act, in a dual-role along with their primary position, as an ombudsperson for students for issues within their own department.

If not explicitly called an ombudsperson, their assigned role is in the spirit of being a confidential and neutral resource for discussing issues a student has under that department.

Also listed here are some resources for Rutgers students who are not enrolled in a school located at Rutgers–New Brunswick.



Departmental ombudspersons or other problem-resolution positions for student issues

At time of writing, all faculty or staff listed here have other, primary responsibilities within their department.

They may not be responsible, or held accountable, for working under a code of ethics typical for an ombudsperson.

The degree of confidentiality, neutrality, independence from administrative or student-punitive procedures, and informality which they can provide a student varies.

If you are a student under any of these departments or divisions, or have an issue that involves any of these departments or divisions, feel free to contact the individual(s).

Department of Mathematics in the School of Arts and Sciences

Ombudsman for undergraduate students: faculty member within SAS Department of Mathematics

More information:

Updated as of 9/19/2017.

School of Graduate Studies (formerly Graduate School–New Brunswick)

Problem Resolution: Senior Associate Dean for Academic Support and Graduate Student Services

More information: may wish to contact Dr. Barbara Bender, associate dean of the Graduate School–New Brunswick, who is available to confidentially assist students and faculty in addressing a wide variety of concerns. Dean Bender will help students and faculty identify options, consider avenues to pursue, and seek alternate resolutions to disputes.

Updated as of 9/19/2017.


Ombudsperson for students: Associate Chancellor for Student Affairs

More Information:

As associate chancellor, Mary Beth oversees a wide array of student services, including residential life, dining, health services, student activities, athletics, recreation, career planning, Campus Center, Dean of Students, and judicial affairs. She also serves on university committees on degree audit, academic integrity, campus climate, safety, retention and advising. In addition she acts as the student ombudsman for the Camden Campus.

Updated as of 9/19/2017.

Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS)

Ombudspersons for Students and Housestaff

More Information: The Student and Housestaff Ombudsperson Program at RBHS

Schools under RBHS include:

  • New Jersey Medical School (NJMS)
  • Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS)
  • School of Dental Medicine (SDM)
  • School of Graduate Studies - Biomedical Sciences at NJMS (formerly GSBS at NJMS (Graduate School of Biomedical Science at NJMS))
  • School of Graduate Studies - Biomedical Sciences at RWJMS (formerly GSBS at RWJMS (Graduate School of Biomedical Science at RWJMS))
  • School of Health Professions (SHP) (formerly named School of Health Related Professions (SHRP))
  • School of Public Health (SPH)
  • School of Nursing (SN)


Under RBHS policy, each Dean [of each school under RBHS] has appointed an ombudsperson as a designated, confidential resource for students and housestaff seeking information or solutions to problems. The unique nature of the ombudsperson is one of neutrality, impartiality and independence from the Schools' and University's established administrative structures.

Each RBHS School has also identified another individual as a research ombudsperson whose focus is on research disputes and problems. This person is available to assist faculty and staff as well as students and houstaff on issues related to research.

Updated as of 9/2017.


Faculty or Staff:

If your department has an ombudsperson or position meant for students to engage in problem resolution, feel free to call or email us to have a link added here.